Create Album and upload photos to facebook fans page with PHP

Hello everyone,

I’m new to facebook development and i was trying build a website which allow user to upload photos to the server and by the same time it’ll create an album on one of the facebook business / fans page that have created and upload the photos to the album. And hopefully that will post into the vendor’s feeds wall as well.

I was wondering has anyone get the following link working before or not? I tried the demo link and it doesn’t work for me, it shows a blank page instead. And i’ve also tried download the script and replace the information by following instructions as given from the website and that still doesn’t work as well.

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Was there any tutorials, advices or tips available on how to upload photos to a facebook fans page from an external websites which works?

I’ve tried with the following code which found from and load them up with my facebook details but it doesn’t work. I’ve also done many times proof reading with the codes and i couldn’t find where the error was, and it also didn’t show up the form where it should be.

Also tried to contact the developer who shared the scripts a week ago but haven’t heard anything from him yet :slight_smile:

Please click here for the code