Create a "Like" button similar to Twitter's

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a tutorial that explains how to create a “Like” button like the Twitter’s one, but I am not finding a good one. Almost all the tutorials are to add Facebook like button or to add follow button, but I don’t want that.

Twitter Like button is so pretty and I would like to create something similar.

Thanks in advice.

You have posted this thread in the JavaScript section. Did you want to know about JavaScript functionality behind using the Twitter like button, or did you want to know how to design a button like this one? Perhaps you might get more response in a different category.

AFAIK Twitter doesn’t have a Like facility, other than liking a particular tweet. ARe you looking for a Twitter Follow Me button? Have you looked on the Twitter website for their API?

It might help if you show a screenshot of what you want.

The only Twitter “like” button I’m aware of is a heart, similar to the one used here. I see no reference to a “like” button in the developer documentation.

That’s it, I would like to create a similar functionality, I mean, make possible to “like” the article just by clicking on the heart button. The examples I have seen are not the best, because you can click on the button as many times as you want.

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Just create the same functionality with the heart “like” button from Twitter, but creating it my-self.

No, no follow button, it is just to create a button where users can click on it to show they like the article.

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