Create a form


I got a contact form here which utilizes validate.js Jquery Validation plugin and it is already validating it but I need to create a php backend. Well php isn’t something i understand very well so I am asking for some helping regarding this. Can someone please help me?

I am not sure if this is the correct function to check the input and process it.

	function validateMessage($message){
		//if it's NOT valid
		if(strlen($message) < 10)
			return false;
		//if it's valid
			return true;

also how can i set it to send to a certain address?

Please help!

Here is my site:


How to send the form to the server with JS is a question you could ask in the JS forum.
The PHP script that receives the form values will have to do all the validation that is necessary before saving it in a DB or whatever you want to do with it.

Try googling for ‘php form handling’ or something like that, you’ll find tons of tutorials.

the form is validating by itself i just need the php to pick it up and send it but im confused.

Are you having trouble processing the information on the backend (PHP)? For example, are you having trouble sending values to PHP?