Create a 3D Product Viewer in Flex 3

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nice article! Pretty convincing.

Would be nice to have a live example to see it working.

The example looks great.

I’ll post this for the heck of it, maybe get some conversation started.

Same concept but Flash and Viewpoint.

It’s definitely a cool trick, but I don’t think many people will find it useful – myself included. Why? Well first, not many Flex developers are building for 3D – they’ll probably be waiting until Astro debuts. Second, you’re taking advantage of a slight oversight on Google’s part to extract the 3D file; a “hack” if you will – this will likely be fixed in the future. Finally, and maybe this is just Sitepoint’s fault, but the code is very poorly organized / presented in the article.

In summary, I think the trick is fantastic – it’s just not the right article for Sitepoint, in my opinion, as it’s more amusing than useful to the readership. I’m a little surprised that it even won the Sitepoint competition – again, not to discredit the work!

Thanks for the feedback JdL—the code did seem to get a bit mangled during the edit, which I’ve fixed now.

I’m not sure I agree that it’s “not the right article for SitePoint”. The “trick” is only a small part of the article; sometimes a topic makes for a good article just because it’s fun. Not everything needs to be immediately applicable to everything you’re working on right now.

Thanks for your thoughts though, we really appreciate your feedback.

I agree, except that Flex 3 articles are few and far between at this point, and I find myself as one among many thousands who are just getting started into Flex. I was hoping to see something I could use :slight_smile: Maybe I was just venting with that post, in which case I must quickly apologize. The article showed incredible creativity and talent; again – forgive me if I seemed to take away from that.

Thanks …

We’ll definitely take that on board for future Flex 3 articles that we publish – and there will be some in the next couple of months, promise!

I get “1026: Constructor functions must be instance methods.” at line 17. Any idea why?

The only tough part is the layout area…

I’m having a bit of bother installing Google Sketchup on Vista - the installer keeps crashing without apparently even trying to install any files. Does anyone know why this might be, or alternatively another similar piece of similar software - preferably free?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


i get error 1046 : Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: BasicRenderEngine. model/src model.mxml line 33 1218309523182 73

See the link:

Should solve your problem.

Your article is great but I dont see the assets directory in the downloaded zip file to get started on this :frowning:

Great post. How good can you get with 3d product visualizations in Flash today? For example with a good model and a decent texture image for mapping could you render something that looked realistic? For example, could one recreate a shoe at the same level of quality you could find on a site like net-a-porter ?

I have an syntax error right after:

import org.papervision3d.materials.utils.MaterialsList;

with â‹®

thanks for your help

I try to make it work properly but I have an syntax error with â‹® right after import org.papervision3d.materials.utils.MaterialsList;

any idea?


I deleted the line and now I have:
“1026: Constructor functions must be instance methods.”

like luke

There seems to an error in configurator.