Crazy Virus on Windows 7 Please Help

I have a virus on my pc. The virus has disbaled all .exe files so i can’t use any anti virus software to remove it every time I click on an exe files error pops up saying this file is effected by a virus.

download hijackthis and malwarebytes anti malware. boot into safe mode and run both from there. you can also as suggested above, limit services from msconfig, and then run malwarebytes anti malware and hijackthis.

be carefull with hijackthis and don’t remove things you are unsure of…

everything can be fixed. a virus is just an app, and it only has to be uninstalled.

when i now look at what you write it seems like a false message you are getting from some sw belonging to the virus.
this is how many of the new malwares works these days. they claim your system is infected, disables .exe and .dll files and even block certain url’s to try to stop you from dl a solution.

some (quite few) of these even suggest that you buy a certain app to deal with it. this is all rubbish, and they just try to con you for money.

dl a remover can be done from another address or another puter, and running it from safe mode works most of the time.

but of course, formatting the disk is also a solution…

Thanks to all for their responses i will try your advise.

Thanks a lot for your advise and quick responses now i have decided to format my disk.

well… i hear you. I can ensure you that there is no naivity here. I speak from experience, and not from some text or articles i have been reading.

why do people have to threat viruses like something mystic and magic that only the developer of it can really understand. a virus is a computer app in one way or another, and yeah, some are more sophisticated than others but there is still no mystic to it.

when it comes to polymorphic code where the code changes but not the function of it, here is where the “sandbox” (emulation in a virtual environment) can come into play, as this is a way to deal with these kind of threads. But yes, this is a difficult task.

then you can research which areas a virus family shares and this way make a single signature for the whole family.

there is no mystic about viruses, they can be annoying and hard to remove, and in some seldom cases you have to reformat. But in most cases they can be removed - which was my point here :slight_smile:

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and/or MSconfig to limit all services to Microsoft only processes/programs?

Then use a USB with portable scanner/remover

Don’t worry, format your c: and reinstall win7. After that don’t install any software’s on it before installing anti virus. Use avg or quick heal anti virus. scan all drives and remove virus. Good luck

That is being said with some naivety in how clever and sneaky these products can be to prevent themselves from being removed. Viruses have a whole range of tricks such as polymorphic restructuring (altering the code structure) there-by making the checksum definition impossible to grab using traditional virus detection techniques (which is why antivirus guards responded with less accurate heuristic scanners to attempt to locate structures of code that look malicious within the executable). There’s also those nasty little hydratic pieces of malware which penetrate systems using a range of different techniques (not limited to self-replication - effectively breeding all over your hard disk). Un-installing some viruses can be achieved if their pretty basic and poorly constructed, but in cases of the severe strains that can alter their structure, replicate en-mass or even embed themselves within previously fine apps or required system resources can make wiping the exe a dangerous goal in itself. If my machine ever got infected, I would flush everything and restore a safe image of the disk (disk imaging takes the hassle out of format - reinstalls). :slight_smile:

I’m with formatting the disk and starting from scratch, when your system gets seriously infected it’s next to impossible to remove all traces effectively. They lodge themselves into your system so deeply these days, even the preventative tools that monitor your stuff for potential issues can’t always resolve the issue fully. If your machine is compromised, burn the thing down and start it clean. There’s no point wasting time or energy on such situations! :slight_smile: