Crazy Uber Graphics Card!

I was looking through the prices of the nVidia GTX970 graphics cards to upgrade the graphics card of my older PC (currently with a GTX680 graphics card) as it would double the amount of graphics RAM from 2GB to 4GB when I noticed this graphics card being suggested:

When I saw the amount of graphics RAM on it I thought WTF, did I read that right?! Will games ever reach the point where they need 32GB of graphics RAM? For that card you’d probably need a powerful water coolong rig just to keep it from seriously overcooking!

Ouch, look at the price tag! That’s several times what I paid for my whole rig.

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I’m guessing that’s not a gamer’s card, but a pro card for 3D artists. With GPU rendering being a thing now you can’t have too much power for a GPU, you would be glad of all those cuda cores.

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