Crawling Issues

We have a site which is indexed in but no where else in the USA it does not show, we have submitted sitemaps, the site has been rebuilt and we have contacted google, nothing. Any ideas why the site is not getting indexed it has 15 years online - site is


What do you mean? Doing a
Gives me

About 2,810 results

Ok when I do a search in the google advanced search in the USA from Honuras I get not indexed, try this URL:

The same if I do a “Roatan” search in or from Honduras I get the site, but in the USA we are not in the first 200 sites listed, again this is using google advanced search and searching in the region as USA.

Your website is not index. Ok fine, Now go to webmaster tools and then Find out what actually problem in your website. If you will not find any problem there, then go to this link ( and submit your website. I think, your website will be indexed within 1 min or hours. But if you will find something wrong in your website from Google webmaster tools, then try to solve that problem. :slight_smile:

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