Crawlability tool

Good afternnon from minus 3 degrees C leeds UK :slight_smile:

What tool do you reccommend to assess the crawalability of a site. At the mo I’m using the SEO moz crawl test but is there an alternative?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

What specifically are you hoping to achieve? I think google can find anything that has a link pointing to it. I think a good alternative is to build a list of all the pages indexed by google and compare it with your sitemap. Then you can see what is missing. Otherwise, you are depending on a crawler to report about crawlers. :slight_smile:

Turn off all scripts and styles. (eg Opera allows you to do this easily, otherwise use a text-only browser like Lynx), and see if you can find your way around the site. If you can do that easily, so can Google.

Hey, what that in Fahrenheit?
(Over on this side o the pond, most use english system)

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SPF is a global community, and most of the world uses centigrade/Celsius, including anyone under 70 in the UK.

Well, I’m happy with the english system as there wasn’t anything wrong with it and there was no need to change

And, there are no laws here in the US that will cause me to be arrested for not using the metric system.

Well, Fahrenheit isn’t the most logical temperature system of choice, unless you frequently need to freeze Mercury :wink:

THat’s funny because I was looking at outside thermometers (thinking about getting one for the back porch) and it has mercury in it, along with metric readings on one side and the english system on the other.

Apparently, alot of thermometers use mercury for the metric system too unless it’s a digital thermometer which may or may not last very long on our back porch in the summer in the direct sunlight where it’s gets mucho caliente.

Mercury isn’t any worse than whatever toxic crap is in those new “green” light bulbs the new world order wants everyone to start using (you know, the ones where it the glass breaks a haz mat team has to come in and clean your place to make it where you don’t die from the toxic poison inside)