Craigslist Campiagn Manager Software

I need help organizing my craigslist campaigns.
I have several prewritten CL ads written and it get’s confusing because each one goes to a different section or city with different email addresses.

I’m looking for some kind of ad campaign software that organizes my ads by title, date posted, city, or email address. In a perfect world, you could open this program, click on an ad title and it would take you directly to that ad where I could edit it or delete it when the item is sold. It might even tell you what ads are most effective, but it seems that no one is interested in the art of crafting effective ads and only spamming with auto-posting software.

A program specifically made for Craigslist might not even exist.
But I’m sure there is something similar that can be used

I did some campaign’s for a client not to long ago… I used a service called Craigs Pal that was a big help.