CPU Usages is at 100% and going crazy

Hi Folks,

My CPU usage is at 100% and the webpages are loading without the stylesheet.

I’ve restarted a few services and it seems to be better, but the CPU usage is still a bit erratic.

Can anyone please tell me how I can find out what the problem is? Is there a fault finding process I can go through, restarting each service one at a time?

Coldfusion 7/ windows server 2003/ IIS v6

Many thanks

Hard to give you a definitive answer to this one as it could be any number of things - and not just CF ( could be database, other applications taking resource )

Best thing I can say is check things like your logs (JRun / Web server) and see what’s happening around the time the spikes starts. What files are being called etc. do you have scheduled tasks running. etc.

Also some helpful resources in here about server monitoring / debugging etc. problems like this :-

Apart from that I think people will struggling to help you here. Going to need some specifics.

Hope that helps though.