Cpradio is now an Advisor!

@cpradio ; has certainly earned not only his stripes but also the respect of his team members and has agreed to take on the extra responsibilities of a Hosting Advisor.

Many of you may see cpradio’s post in the programming and in other forums and you know his helpfulness, calm demeanour professionalism, and knowledge.

Please take the time to send cpradio congratulations!

Glad to have you as an advisor cpradio! way to go!!

Warm regards,

Welcome to the Green Side! :tup:

Congratulations, and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Congratulations mate, well deserved!

Fantastic news! Congrats, cpradio! :tup:

Hey cpradio, welcome to the green!

Congratulations, cpradio. As they say, “It’s not easy being green” - but I’m sure you’re more than equal to the challenge. :slight_smile:

Well earned and well deserved.
Well-come “behind the curtain” (with the other Wizards)

Hey cpradio,

Well done!
I enjoy your posts, and was recently amused to read that you were trying help someone with a complicated AJAX/JavaScript issue via your mobile phone.
That’s dedication :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was fun writing that one post on my mobile. Constantly switching between characters and symbols or long pressing to get to the symbol, took me nearly 5 minutes!

@ALL, Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy being able to contribute back to this forum and its community. Lots of great people here.

Congratulations Matt - well deserved :slight_smile:

You’re doing a great job Matt. :cool:

Thanks. Lots to learn still, but I’m making my way through it :smiley:

Congratulations, i read your advice and learned here about team work.