cPanel Hacked? Unchange mysql password?

In my server, I reset the password of a currently logged in user in cPanel > PHPMyAdmin via


Caution: Do not try this in your cpanel > mysql, because it might re-generate this mistake in your server as well.

It seems, it had connected with the root’s password to serve the PHPMyAdmin instead of a user’s password.
Unfortunately, PHPMyAdmin’s password is reset. Now, cPanel cannot login into its own PHPMyAdmin automatically.

It could be a bug of cPanel that allowed to reset the password of root user. Now, the saved passwords in cPanel’s own database fails.

Question: Is there a way to UNCHANGE the password?

Running that command will set the password of the current logged in user, in case I would guess it to be one of the cpanel higher access users. I’ve not tried this myself, and don’t have access to a cpanel I could break to test it, but it does sound like its done what you think.

How to reset it, if you have shell access, you should be able to look at the cpanel configs to find out what the password was, connect to the mysql shell and re-set it?