I’ve searched the forums but only found one old thread from 2006. Anyone using Are they good? And what’s most important are they really paying?

Sure they pay… I am using them over a year now and always received payment on time or this xmass even 2 weeks before.

Yep, I’ve been using them for a rather long time now and they do pay. I’ve received a few payments from them and hopefully will get a few more.

The are good and they do pay. They work best when you have some kind of digital service or goods. Then you make your users complete one of the surveys before you allow them access to it.

I have just joined them but have decided not to use them at the moment as i feel yes in the short term you can earn some nice revenue but i feel people are put off having to fill in surveys all the time and in the long term could hold the growth of the site up.I was going to add it to a Rapidshare link generator site and other people seem to use it with some success so prehaps i am missing some great revenue but thats my personal choice.