CPA still getting popular

CPA networks are getting popular day by day. Leave aside CB, CJ, Aff fuel or linkshare, most smaller networks are multiplying their earnings to decent levels as more and more newcomers join them. I think they’re also sharing a much bigger commission level as compared to others.

What are you thoughts?

thanks for the info! does not have a good reputation their software seem to be bugy and the suport is bad

I didn’t say there was good alternatives to DirectTrack, I said there was more alternatives to it and cheaper ones in all.

I even think Hasoffers allow free use of their software which personally I think is stilly as it’s likely to get some of the GPT owners onto their software and ripping of numberous hard earners.

DirectTrack was the main ones, use to cost a good few thousand or more to get a network up and running and then monthly costs or something.

You now have PostAffiliatePro, Hasoffers,, etc.

could you please list some of these scripts?

could someone explain to me what’s a zip submit

The cost of getting a cpa networks script to run your own network has dropped now since there are more scripts out there, but this is also likely to make a rise in not so good networks out there. Saying this, there are some good networks being started up daily, but some not so good either.

Agreed. Smaller networks pay more then the larger ones. Also they are good to join and earn for new members.

I earn with adwords coz it help to increase my sales others are new and seem scammy so it would become difficult to join them.

CJ is CPA but unlike other smaller programs, CJ is offering low… and most of their offers are CPL and CPS - seldom you can find email and zip submit (which is the hottest)

I thought CJ was a CPA network. So what are you suggesting using for CPA other than CPA networks?

I am doing business with 3 networks now and so far, Peerfly is pulling the plug… My earnings within a month is way beyond my target :slight_smile: