Courses to enrol

Hi, I’m a new web designer with very little experience. I have enrolled onto a basic web design course and I’m hoping to make a career in web design. I’m after advice on books and courses to go on. This site is a great help, but I’m just beginning to familiarise myself with all the terns. Regards Jon moffatt

A great place to start is with any of the SitePoint books (see the Products link in the menu above) and also the recently launched SitePoint courses (see the Courses link above).

I would be tempted to recommend the book I wrote (Getting StartED Building Websites) as it covers the whole workflow of web design for beginners and you’re pretty much it’s target audience… but to remain neutral I also do recommend SitePoint’s books (like the CSS Anthology) and if you want a crash course in the basic languages used on the web, something like “Head First HTML & CSS” and it’s sister “Head First JavaScript” would equally give you a decent introduction to code. :slight_smile:

PS: There’s some decent online guides worth checking out such as as this: