Courses for Website Design?

What are the courses should be done to become a good Website Designer or Graphic Designer?

Well, we are discovering more and more that learning is a personal thing. Some people learn better just reading a book themselves (although those who try to learn graphic design from a book, rather than through practice and feedback are in for a rude awakening if attempting to actually find a job in graphic design). Others benefit from a structured setting and feedback support of a classroom. The courses depend on the school you attend and every one is different. Are you thinking of going to school?

To be a good web designer you firstly must know IT and how things work. There are a lot of great tutorials like Lynda, ebooks, online quick tutorials and w3school which is like small reminder with examples

Hi Ammy,
If you want to work for a larger company, then graphic design and website design are almost always unique career paths of their own. If you plan on working for yourself (or for a small company), then you will want to combine them both. You can learn the HTML and CSS easily and for free at many sites, including here: IT Learning Institute, also [URL=“”]PHP and some other stuff there. A CMS such as Joomla may also be a good idea. Not sure if itlearning have a tutorial online for that yet. Graphic design has 2 parts, the creative and the technical. Hopefully you’ve got the creative or you’re out of luck, as for the technical, find a good photoshop course, not sure of one off the top of my head.

For a good graphic design anyone need to learn use of all Photoshop tools. If someone achive it hope he/she can easily design good. On the other hand, for Web design need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP. Anyone can easily learn HTML, CSS and PHP via a website named You can easily learn it only invest your time.

Please don’t use as it’s an incomplete and inaccurate reference (not totally, but enough to cause concern). Look at this link, posted by many well-known web professionals.

Books are my favorite way to learn. Make sure you check the copyright date - more modern is better, although there are some good classics. I would highly recommend all of the Sitepoint books.


I will recomment w3cschools without any hesitation. I think its a good site for beginners.