Courier logo - site compatibility

After the simple, factual impression that courier gives, it of course also presents somewhat of a conflict with the rest of the page text style. Unless you want to use courier everywhere.


Not sure that I would agree with that – I often use different fonts for the logo to the rest of the design. Contrast is an important aspect of design, and the contrast between the logo, headings and text is a key way to differentiate the elements of the page.

I agree, although I have straddled the fence on this one. Maybe it’s embedded in my own mind as “typewriter” style.

So then begs the question, would you use arial/helvetica or times roman for the body characters beneath a courier logo, in combination ?

I would never ever ever ever ever use Times New Roman on a web page.

I’m not mad keen on Arial/Helvetica, but it works OK. I usually prefer Calibri, Trebuchet or Verdana for body copy, or Georgia for the rare occasions I want a serif font. But it really isn’t as simple as saying “a Courier logo needs <x> font for body text”, you need to decide on what works best for your site, given your design elements, your tone and style, and the image you want to portray.