Countries that the U.S. doesn't have jurisdiction

Does anyone know a good resource for information about countries that you can run a website from which the U.S. doesn’t have jurisdiction?

I think they run gambling websites from some of these countries.

Any idea how these sites operate? Do the just set up hosting in one of these foreign countries?


Running a business offshore to circumvent regulations/taxes/laws is not as simple as buying hosting elsewhere. You should consult the services of an international attorney if you are considering doing anything remotely related to this.

Funnily enough, the USA has no jurisdiction whatsoever outside of it’s own borders.

So you need to find out about the regulations in your own country, not others at this stage, as it’s possible it will be illegal for you regardless of where the site is hosted.

If it does turn out to be legal for you to host in other countries, then the first places to look would be countries in which gambling is 100% legal. The only country I know of for sure is New Zealand, in which case the answer is no, you can’t host a gambling site with out jumping through a million and one hoops and paying some whopping big levies in the process.

I know that runs from Gibraltar.

Somalia is another option, I don’t think they have any laws there.

Surely no matter where you host the site you will be bound by the laws of the country your company is registered in.

Yes, but some countries do allow you to do certain types of business in other countries from your own country despite the fact that the type of business you are doing would be illegal to do in your own country.

In New Zealand there are apparently quite a few loop holes in the law for this type of thing. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to go testing this type of thing. I would rather not be a guinea pig for some sort of internet legal case :stuck_out_tongue: Plus anything which is illegal to do in my own country is probably not something I would want to be involved with anyway.

Every other country other than the US.

I’m not running a gambling site. It’s just a forum where I am tired of the constant bombardments of subpoenas to turn over my records. I just want to run my site from a location where I don’t have to keep spending money and time to appease members that are always hassling me.

I was figuring if I could run the site from a location where the US Courts don’t have jurisdiction would make my life easier.

So why not just ban the members that are harrassing you? Have you also thought about seeking legal remedies to recoup the losses you are incurring from all these subpoenas being issued (if it’s even legally possible)?

Besides, I doubt off-shore hosting would be able to stop this sort of thing anyway, unless you incorporated in that country and filed as a foreign entity here in the States, and even then that might not always work.

I have tried banning them and then they subpoena my records for discrimination or that my banning is harassment.

I haven’t spent the money to try to recoup my costs/expenses. That costs too much.

I was hoping that off-shore hosting wouldn’t be less likely to divulge my personal contact information if requested by a US court.

If you don’t mind me asking, and this is purely out of curiosity, what type of forum/site do you operate?

There will potentially be TWO countries that may have jurisdiction with regard to any sites you run - the one where the site is hosted and the one where the site owner is located. If you are located in the US then the US could claim jurisdiction regardless of where you host the site because the site is owned from the US. Where you are not located in the country where the site is hosted then they can’t subpoena you but they can subpoena your hosting provider to take action regarding the site.

I would like to know too. You can PM us if you don’t want to post it in public.

I’m also interested in what you operate.

I was just thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

You have members who pay a lawyer and go to court to get a court record to subpoena your records all the time?

You must have an awful rich and lawsuit prone niche there.

Do share so the rest of us can avoid it.

A forum for my college.

Just imagine how many people get on there and say how much they hate someone or what someone did to them or what they want to do to somebody…

then make it private and invite-only if it’s gonna be that kind of forum and you don’t feel like dealing with the dramabombs that come from public access

How do they define ‘where I’m located’? I have administered the site from my living room in the U.S. as well as from a hotel room, while on vacation, in Mexico and France.

My goal is to somehow prevent people from finding out who I am so they can’t serve any more subpoenas to me.