Count of sitemaps approved vs method google indexed pages

Hello. I had submitted sitemaps(26 urls) from google webmasters tools to google and it shows that indexing is pending. But when I used site:domain method I found my 96 pages indexed.

Whats the catch? Should I be concerned?

I don’t see any reason why you should be concerned, it looks like your pages are already indexed, that’s good.
Unless there are more than 96 pages that should be indexed. In which case you will have to wait for them to get crawled.

oh thanx! Then why is status of webmasters showing pending? Is it because I submitted 2 days earlier?

What has the status pending, the sitemap?
That would mean that Google has not yet read the sitemap. But it may have already found and crawled your pages without it.
With a good link structure Google should be able to find and crawl your pages without any sitemap. But the sitemap can help it to find hard to reach pages and give additional information like the time of update and frequency of change.

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Thanx for your information sam. It helps me a lot. Just last one q. Once the pages are been indexed through sitemap, will those pages again be crawled by google and indexed if any further changes are been made?
Or I have to again ask google to index the changed pages?

If the sitemap has data for change dates and frequency it should take note of them and prioritise crawling accordingly.
For example, if one url says it has not changed since the last crawl, it will have low priority. One that has changed recently will have higher priority until crawled.
If it is just a few pages you want indexing or re-crawling, you can submit with the “Fetch as Google” tool, which usually gets a url crawled very quickly.

Okay. Thanx for your information and your valuable time.

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