Count number of pages in a site

Hi guys, I was looking for a way to count the number of pages an html site has. Like if I’ve been told a certain site has 500 pages, how can I count and make sure.

google it

gives a reasonable estimate.

But why exactly do you wish to know?

need to scrap some basic info from each (and every) page. so have to estimate the time it would take.

Make a site map showing only html it php extensions. That will show exact

The easiest way is to ask the people who run the site, they should be able to at least estimate the answer. You have got their permission, haven’t you? Otherwise it would be theft, and if that’s what you’re planning then you’re a brave person coming on here and admitting it in public…

Oh absolutely. The actual owner of the website (who is a friend) has no IT skills. Her programmer is not available for a month and I’m needed to make her a new report, the data for which is in separate pages.

Thanks for all your suggestions guy.

Sounds about right. Every project I have ever taken over sounded just the same -“the previous designer went MIA”

If she doesn’t know how many pages she’s got (or you don’t trust her estimate), the best way to be sure is to ask her for the username and password to access the control panel or FTP server, and then you can just log in and count them.

Yep thanks, that’s exactly what I did. She didn’t know the login/password either then, but then found she it.