Could you test this page for me and let me know if you see the issue?

Hello, I have a web page at where we’ve had reports that the navigation dropdown menu is going - behind - the lower green section text. I am not able to duplicate this on my end and would like to know if others see this issue?

Thank you!

I can’t though all of my browsers are up to date. You might want to check with those reporting it to see if you can see a pattern in OS and Browser versions. Might be an older OS/browser combination which doesn’t have full support for your markup.


Looks ok to me also unless you mean on the small screen where the menu goes under the cookie message.


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It appears desktop is the issue they’re looking at, but thank you all for confirming!

Like Paul says, the only way that can occur is if the browser window is pretty compact (the hamburger bar is showing). I had to shrink it down to somewhere under 650px high to have an issue That’s smaller than a typical iphone/android screen.

And that’s only with the cookie acknowledgement window - they acknowledge the cookie, the issue goes away :shifty:

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Same here with up to date Brave w/ ad block. Bottom panel disappears on click. Left panel remains at about 10%.

clear cache,then try again

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