Could this be the world's most 'no frills' CSS framework?

I saw this earlier today. For those lacking the designer gene - Tacit

Really impossible to say until he “finishes” it. Hard to call it a framework with only a few parts of it done.

I can’t imagine wanting to use it, but the idea kind of amused me.

It’s also amusing that he’s offering a design-based framework from a guy who admits he’s terrible at design. Kinda funny in itself.

Hard to see how this would be useful unless his exact design style fits the one you would create for your website. You’d surely need to add/modify his design styles.

I might just throw it onto something, just to see what it does - I’m assuming anything designed around floats is going to go all over the place. The effect would probably be much like the results you get from Andy Clarke’s Universal IE6 CSS stylesheet.

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