Could someone help me with lightbox 2


I’m trying to design a page and have lightbox 2 display my images.

I know only enough about HTML to get myself in trouble but trying to learn. Someone told me at the lightbox forum that he would be highly surprised if someone would help me without a fee. I refuse to think that everyone is like that and I hope someone who remmebers how it was when they first started designing web sites might be willing to give me some help.

I DO NOT want anyone to do it for me, I just need someone to help me understand how to do it. I have the lastest version of lightbox 2 and after reading it I just don’t understand how to get it to work on a page I want to design.

Would someone be willing to help me out but giving me some direction


Hi erc_houston@hotm. Welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

This is a very friendly forum, and people do a lot of work for others that, in the real world, they should charge for. But this place is unreal. :wink:

The easiest way to help you would be for you to post a link to the page you are working on. In a sense, that proves that you are willing to have a shot yourself and are not just looking for someone to do the work for you. It tends to elicit lots more responses.

Have you made a start yet?

Hi, just thought I would pass this URL on for you to practice with ( Just click on the link that your interested in and the following page has a Quiz on it related to that link you clicked, you may have to scroll down a bit to see it, but its there. Kind regards,