Could some please give me some feedback on my website

Hi there, Could someone please give me some feedback on my site, I’m in the process of having a bit of a revamp, so would love to hear your ideas on how you feel i could improve it. Take care and thanks for your time, Laura

Welcome to SitePoint, @sales101. I really like the overall impression that your colours give, but I find the homepage very busy and crowded. The content and images seem very good, but you could improve the general appearance and first impression by using all the available space in the browser window. You don’t need to restrict the width of the webpage - making the site fluid and just spreading things out will make a world of difference.

you should work on menu part its not looks good u need to match colur combination of ur website

Maybe it’s more an issue of personal taste but I prefer “cleaner” sites with less bright colors. Your site hearts my eyes when I look at it.

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