Could my single page deleted by google?

Hi , im using wordpress and i had a single page which was on 4th on google in specific keyword. Now, there is no such a page in google searches.

I changed my template. But never did any illegal things to promote my post. WHat could be the reason?

Are you using Google Search Console? (Used to be Webmaster Tools.) Does your site appear OK there without any error messages? What happens if you try “fetch as Googlebot” for that page?

A site:yourdomain search would also show you which pages are indexed.

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Thanks for answer. Yes im using it and yes i fetch as googlebot twice today.
There only 10 post not indexed shown in webmstrTools.

If the page is indexed OK, then maybe it’s dropped in the rankings not because of anything you’ve done, but because your competitors’ pages have increased in number or quality (or both).

If you didn’t change the titles and descriptions,try to submit your website url to the google search engeine by using google webmaster tools, it can be indexed in search engeine results page…

Hi @yasinatagun – As the others suggest, Google Search Console is a good place to start.

It’s also worth clarifying what happens when you search for the page URL that was ranking 4th (i.e., are you seeing the page as a result?

Since this coincided when you changed your theme, you should check to make sure that your new theme has page titles and headings displaying like they were before and contain the correct values. It’s probably the most common issue I see when people change themes.

Try a tool such as Screaming Frog to analyse your site, it’s free for up to 500 URLs:

On the plus side, if something has changed at your end, you can likely recover quite easily.

All the best, hope your site bounces back soon.


Looks to me as though Google has indexed your page because it was on the fourth page.

I think Google initially gives new pages a high ranking and depending on the resultant SEO Clicks/popularity (which are available in the new GWTs) adjusts your page in accordance with your competition.

Maybe try updating the page with fresh and relevant information.

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