Correctly format CSV. How?


I have a list with about 1.000 e-mail addresses for a newsletter. The original app I used for mailing this list has gone bananas and I need to send out via e.g. Thunderbird or (Mac OS X).

Problem: The list merely contains the addresses, separated by comma as in a csv file. But I need to format the file in some way to make the addresses show up in an address book as mail addresses.

How do I do that? What do I need to add before/after each address before importing to the address book?

Try exporting a CSV from your mail app of choice, open that up and see what the format is.

Thanks for reply.
But it’s the other way around. The list is merely in a plain text document.
On each line there’s an e-mail.
I need to import the list into an address book.

Thunderbird can import CSV, I believe. Can’t test it, as I don’t have Thunderbird at work, though.


Thanks. Yes, TB can import csv. But that’s not the issue.
The problem is that I have a plain text file with mail addresses on each line.
I need to convert this file into a csv - to import to TB.

Was @lonekorean not suggesting that you export from Thunderbird as CSV to see how that file ends up, and then you’ll know how to format your current text file correctly to import it?

That sounds to me as if it should work, or am I missing something?

Some editors (like DreamWeaver) will allow you to replace the new line/carriage return with a comma.



Right. Didn’t think of that way. Of course that would be a way to go. Thanks!

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I also thought it was just to add commas. But reality proved it was more to it. MUCH more.
So, regardless which editor you use, you’ll need to know how to format the entire file properly.

Just replacing the new lines with commas wasn’t sufficient? That would make it the standard CSV format.


Yes, adding commas might be the standard way. That was what I tried at first. But I asked about a formatting that worked in e.g. Thunderbird or on Mac. The point is that the mail clients need to distribute the data imported to end up under correct “headline”, i.e. so that the mail addresses shows up as such and not as workplaces, names or whatever.

Please don’t take offense. I do appreciate your willingness to help. But sometimes it’s better not to if the answer is pure guessing. :wink:

Have a Merry Xmas!

“Pure guessing”??

@lonekorean suggested exporting a Thunderbird address book to get the proper format, after which I suggested using an editor to replace new lines with commas.

The only guessing was the exact format Thunderbird requires (which should have been determined by you after exporting the address book to get a “template”.)

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