Correcting formatting on custom full width page


I just defined a full width page for my wordpress theme to remove the sidebar and extend the width of the content to take over the sidebar space.

Here’s the page with the formatting issues:

The problem is that the content background color changed to blue and the content and pictures are not centered. I’m not concerned with the size of the images in the page content since I can easily resize them. Here’s the issues I have to resolve:

o Need the background color to be white like this page:

o Need the content and pictures to be centered for this sample full width page

Essentially all I was looking to do was keep the normal page formatting and extend the width to be the same as the header image.

Any Advice Appreciated


I’m not sure what you mean when you state a full width page.When looking at your CSS all I see is


to me that’s not a full width site. Or do I understand you wrong?