Correct SEO Strategy to Get Result Fast


I’m doing SEO for my website and it has been around 3 months, but none of my keywords are ranking in the top 10. They are appearing on the 3rd page of Google. I’m working on a maximum of 4-5 keywords per day and doing SEO off-page activities like article submissions, blog submissions, classifieds, social bookmarking, forum, blog commenting, etc.

So, my question is this: What is the correct SEO strategy to get results faster?

Is anyone who is an expert in SEO can help me?



Then you are largely wasting your time. Google and other major search engines place little or no value on links which you place yourself (described as “not editorially vouched for”), and creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is a violation of TOS which can result in your site being penalised or removed from results completely.

You need to earn links by having high-quality content other sites will choose to link to.

I suggest you start by reading Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, which will explain clearly both the dos and don’ts of SEO.


Personally, i’d be more concerned about making your website work properly before trying to spend months on SEO.

Broken links,
Items that link to nowhere but the page that they’re sitting on,
Dubious claims,
Repetitive, clearly we-bought-a-website-template website,
A press release that says nothing
No Twitter activity for 6 months,
Facebook page is just reposting your Instagram ‘infographics’ that have no relevance to the company…

… your site just looks like one of a million other link spammers, tbh.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll take care of the website first then SEO.

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It’s a pity that the theme of the site and the resource itself are not indicated. If I answer blindly, the best thing is:
Do some basic SEO optimization. 1-2 months
Get your website content in order. This is very important, so we will highlight this as a separate item.
Well, then take a closer look at your competitors and choose what to do with maximum attention (then accelerate SEO or use contextual advertising, etc.) It is correct that you are working on the site now, good luck!

Am not an expert but I have learned something from my seniors that is wait and work. In SEO you will see the result of 3 months of your SEO Start from link building and let google know the existence of your website and then target your Competitors. Good Luck

Hi escalessolutions2,

I’m not a SEO expert but I can suggest you to be aware of ‘microdata’ and structured data in general.
These structured data, correctly applied in your HTML can improve the way search engines perceive your website data and will be beneficial. Here is a tool among others to check if what you add is ok :

You should also consider hCard and microformats :

It’s not all, but those 2 things will surely improve your website SEO, as search engines will more understand what is happening in your pages. We do not have to forget that search engines are not human, it need information that can be understood by search engines.

Hope this will help :smiley:

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