CorelDRAW TUT Consecutive Numbering

Here is my tutorial for Consecutive numbering in CorelDRAW


Plz comment, it was created for work but I thought it was worthy to share with y’all

wow thats pretty cool, do you know if thats possible in AI? OR where we can find a tutorial on that?

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!

Thank’s I’ll try it for shure

I know its a bit old, but here’s a revised method,

In Corel Draw, select File>Print Merge>Create/Load Merge fields
Select create from scratch and hit next
Type a name for the field and select
Incremental Field data
Select the format “00X” to correspond with the format that you would like
Hit Add
hit Next
In the window hit NEW or hold the letter E on your keyboard until you
get to the desired number
Hit Next, then finish

The print Merge window will open.
Select the arrow on the right of the menu titled “Insert selected
print merge field” and click in your document.
Be sure to unselect the arrow button.

This will place a Merge field within your document that will
correspond with the incremental data you entered from before.
Play with the font and alignment of the text filed it should look like

When you’re ready to print the document Hit the “Perform Print Merge”
button in the print merge toolbar to open the print men.
Play with your imposition settings from print preview and you should be good.

just remember that you have to print using the “perform print merge”
button or else the printer will just have one signature with the
“<Title>” on it’


It’s totally refreshing to see a tutorial for something other than Photoshop.

Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this tutor! It’s a pity, Illustrator can’t do like that, so I’m into good old CorelDraw for these things.