Core web vitals - Speed Index

I am using WordPress for my website, and I am facing a Core Web Vitals Speed Index issue for mobile. I received a result of 3.5 for the Speed Index. Can you please help me with the speed index? It will show a bed effect on my site, and how can I reduce this?

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It doesn’t score bad at 90%. The results tell you where there is room for improvement. If you don’t understand any of those diagnostics, perhaps you could say which points specifically you need help with.

I agree with @SamA74 , those scores are not bad at all. It isn’t realistic to think you will score 100 on everything and that it means your site is going on to worldwide success! Often times I find that if you try and appease these types of indexes to the extreme you are either going to have a fast, but boring site or a site void of anything useful to your readers.

Also some of these stats are out of your control and dependent on the indexing bot. Remember if the bot comes across your site when there is some kind of network outage, it could think your site is slower than it is. Maybe it hits some outdated CDN that hasn’t refreshed yet. Perhaps the program itself is running suboptimal.

Lastly, even if you score 100 today, it doesn’t mean it will be 100 tomorrow. Use it as a general guide only and 90 is pretty good.