Where abouts do i apply to copyright my website and software?

In the US, you can apply to register your copyright at US Copyright Office. The link is several places throughout this forum and the content writer’s forum. Alternatively, you can Google, Yahoo, or Bing it.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Any creative work you produce from scratch automatically belongs to you and you have rights over.

There’s some variation between countries, but on the whole, that’s how it works.

You don’t have to “apply” for copyright. If you produced it, you own it.

The only times that isn’t true are if you produced it under the full employ of someone else, in which case the someone else owns the copyright. (If you’re a contracted worker rather than a fulltime employee, then it may be different. In that case it depends on your agreement with the someone else and the laws in your country.)

Also if you produced it for a client, depending on what “it” is and where you’re from (laws in your country), then it would come down to your agreement with that client to determine who owns the rights over it.