Copy vs. Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

Please anyone Guide me what are difference copy and content wirinting

There isn’t a difference really. Copy writing is writing copy for - well - content…


The difference is a copywriter usually concentrates on headlines used for headlines, advertising, etc… I kind of think of it as a jingle writer in a way. The copywriter will a lot of times do content writing work, but that does not mean they are the same. A content writer is like a reporter in a way, for they write longer articles and make sure the facts are accurate (well at least a good content writer will). Content writers usually have longer time to complete the tasks on hand, since they are writing longer articles.


A copywriter primarily writes to encourage people to buy something. A content writer writes to inform. Copywriting is a specialized skill that you acquire on top of good writing. It’s tougher than regular content writing because you have to know your market intimately. You need to know what makes them tick, what style they respond to, how to get their attention, what do they need to see in order to drive that desire to buy.

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From the word itself, when you write you’re own content it was then content writing, but, copy, you didn’t even exert some effort. Using brain not using hand. :wink:

It does sound as if that should be the distinction, @vamert, but @JuliaStaRomana is correct; although I believe they tend to be used interchangeably now, a copywriter is really somebody who writes advertising content.

(Copying somebody else’s work is called plagiarism.)


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Like everyone else already said: the difference is that copywriting is focused on titles, headlines, commercials - basically anything that’s meant to make the reader want to click on an article/commercial/ad. Content writers can deal with the same things, but they write longer posts, i.e. on-page content, blog posts, articles, etc. Naturally, there are SEO copywriters out there who deal with both, but that’s a whole another story altogether.