Copy texture of one image to another


I have two images of different egyptian cartouches, both are saved as png files. One of the images has a nice embroided texture, the other is plain vector graphics. Is it possible within CS4 to copy the texture of the embroided image to the other? I can copy the colours, which is handy but can’t seem to suss out how to copy the texture, which would really be good.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


Try copying the textured image over the plain one as a separate layer and change its blending mode to “Luminosity”.

Hi Simon

As Varelse suggested you could try using the blending modes between the two layers. Often it can be a case of trial and error with blending modes because it really depends on the colours of the pixels in each layer.

The Multiply blending mode is a good catch-all but it tends to make everything look darker but does handle textures very well.

Something else that you could look at is displacement maps. The displace filter can help you get a more convincing texture between two layers so that it doesn’t look like one layer is just “stuck on” another.

I’ll try and write a photoshop blog post about it in the next few days to put on Sitepoint, but if you look up the displace filter in the help it will give you some good ideas about how to use it.:slight_smile: