Copy id column into another column?

Hi guys,

What is the fastest and easiest way to do this?
Copy all the “id” column value into “sequence” column inside a table?
Starting from record one to the last record?

I tried creating the “sequence” column and assigned the auto increment but it won’t allow me.
So I have no choice but to copy the value from “id” column and put the value in “sequence” column.

Thanks in advance.

Okay I figured it out.

UPDATE lessons SET sequence = lessonid;

Thanks to Google.

I am not sure exactly. But there should be a way to disable the auto increment on column. Then do a update and then enable the auto increment such that it should start from the max(id)+1

Why do you want to duplicate information in the database? What will happen when sequence gets changed to a different value to the corresponding id?

because i told him not to renumber the PK values, but to use a sequence column instead –

copying the id values to the sequence column is the necessary first step in that process