Copy first column


I have a source code of big html table with many columns.

I want to copy code of first column only.

What is the trick to do this ?

Open .html file in MS Word, delete columns (to select whole column click right over its top border), save back to .html, then use any of available online Word HTML cleaners to remove extra markup

system hangs when I try to open .html in MS Word 2010

File > Open > Test.html ===> System hangs.

What was your approach ?

Have you tried drag and drop to open it

drag and drop puts the file into MS-Doc as attachment.

I;m using MS word 10

It shouldn’t f you have the .html file saved on your computer and you drag that icon onto the Word 10 icon it should open the file.

Please see the screenshot in google drive

I get that when I do a drag & drop

Seeing the Firefox icon makes me think your problem might be a file association setting.

I’m assuming by “copy code of first column” you mean “copy content of first column”

Anyway, since you have a copy of the HTML file it would be easy enough to add some simple CSS in the head section.

table tr td { display: none; } 
table tr td:first-child { display: table-cell; } 

Then you can copy the rendered view without the other cells content getting in the way.

Even simpler (if one really needs that many selectors up font for specificity):

table tbody tr td + td {display:none}

or do the owl thing to take out any <th> adjacent sibs, too.

table * tr * + * {display:none}


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