Copy DVD video disc to blank DVD dsic

On my XP pc I can copy a dvd video disc onto a blank DVD disc using my two DVD drives with DVD shrink and other programs.
My sister has Windows 7 (in another city) and only one drive - a DVD burner.

Simply want to copy a DVD video disc on to a blank DVD disc.

Is there a free program that can do the above?

  • using 1 DVD burner drive?
  • using 1 program?
    that definitely works on Windows 7?
    [She does not have pro version of Win 7, so does not have DVD Maker]
    Many thanks!

I’m not a PC person, but I believe Nero is good for this, and it’s Win 7 ready. That link is to the free version.

With one drive, you can always copy the files to the hard drive and then burn to disc… although I’m pretty sure this isn’t necessary with Nero anyhow.

ImgBurn is free and will do the trick.

Nero works, but it is expensive. Well more expensive than free.

If you are looking for something non-open source then I would reddomend checking our where they give full sofware away each day with serials. The only catch is that you have to download, install, and register it that day.

Another popular one: but remember if you use multi-session burning only use one specific program per disc to write all its tracks.

3herosoft DVD Cloner is also a good DVD clone and copy software that can assist you in backup DVD content as ISO image file or DVD folder in your computer and exactly clone DVD movies in perfect 1:1 ratio even compress DVD-9 to a DVD-5 format without loss of frame quality.

If you read the first post; one of the criteria were it being free the above post is not.