Copy and Paste Table Cells from Word to WYSIWYG editor in a Magento backend

Hi everyone,

I’m using the WYSIWYG editor in a Magento backend. I have a table already in place with data in it but I want to be able to copy and paste table data from a Word document into the table within the editor. I selected a whole row in the table within the editor and pasted in a table row from Microsoft Word but it pasted all the cells of the row within a single cell within the table of the editor.

I wondered if anyone knows how to do this so that I can select a row or even multiple rows within a table in Word and successfully paste them within the WYSIWYG editor within Magento?

Appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible. When you copy a table row from Word you are copying “Word HTML” which includes the table structure, data, and a ton of useless info to your clipboard. When you then select a row in the WYSIWYG and paste only the data and maybe some styling is being pasted. The WYSIWYG will not overwrite the underlying HTML from the data in your clipboard. From my experience these types of edits have to be done manually. I usually do them in the code view. Some WYSIWYG editors have a Paste from Word button that works sometimes but I don’t think it really plays nice with existing code.

Ok thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.