Coordinator reload page after deleting record and cache problem

Hi all,
i am just new to codignitor. i am tyring the delete records lesson from a table using non ajax. my problem is, after deleting the record, the page loads again correctly. but the deleted record is still showing up. i have to refresh manually the page again one more time to get a fresh copy.


Controller code related to view and delete records are given below.

    public function view() {
         //load the database  
         //load the model  
         //load the method of model  
         //return the data in view  
         $this->load->view('customers/view', $data);
    public function delete() {
        //redirect(base_url() . "index.php/customers/view", "refresh");

does it actually delete the record?

yes in deed, but i have to manually refresh the page to again show the new list without that record.