Cool Editors For Designers!

Hi all,

I know that after reading this post you might say "SO TELL US SOMETHING NEW" ;).

But still I would like to share the names of these two editors with you all. I am currently building an ‘all you need’ website for my home town and these two editor are helping me beyond my imagination.

They are …

  1. Aptana Studio 2

  2. Bluefish editor 2.0.1

Features That i Love

i) Auto Tag Completion

ii)Debugging(Aptana has a full debug perspective)

iii) Error prompt (make it impossible make syntax error)

iv) Supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and etc

V) Wonderful features for project management

vi) IN Aptana you can view how your code looks in the browser within the tool …

vii) Best of all, they are open source…

and the list goes on…

So If you haven’t tried these two tools yet, i recommend that you give it a try. They are designed to make a life of a designer a whole lot easier.

Download Links

  1. Bluefish editor

  1. Aptana Studio

So cheers!

So basically… you use two tools which every other multi-purpose text editor, IDE and web development package offers. Am I missing the point?


Its as i told you at the start of the post you may not find it as interesting, specially if you have used such editors before…and i know that there are plenty of such out there but these two are my pick of the lot. So felt the need to share it.

The post was meant for people who have just started web designing( Like me!).

Thought it might help…