Cookies left by sessions

How can I see the details on my pc for any cookies please?

In Firefox, under the “Privacy” tab on Preferences, you can opt to view cookies. If you have the Web Developer Toolbar extension installed, there is a “Cookies” dropdown menu which will allow you to view cookies for your current page. There are also other extensions available just to manage cookies.

I’m sure other browsers will have something similar.

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For Chrome:

Many thanks. To tell you the truth, am really struggling with this. When logged onto a phpbb3 forum in IE, it remembers the password, but when logging onto the same forum with FF, it doesn’t remember the password???

Check the browsers’ cookie settings. eg. “allow third party cookies”


Thank you, how do I do that please?

Tools → Options → Privacy
History - select “use custom settings for history”
Cookie settings will appear

Tools → Internet options → Privacy
has various Cookie settings

In Firefox > Preferences > Security have a look at the “Exceptions” under saved passwords, in case at some point you’ve accidentally hit “don’t save” for that site. (Voice of experience here. )

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