I am trying to verify cookie exists to block pop-up from showing. I have tried 10 different pieces of code and all fail. I think the problem resides in waht I am using for c_name. Latest attempt below. I have tried the cookie name and the domain name. Neither work.

function checkForJALACookie(c_name){
	var cookieFound = Cookies.get(c_name);
//    alert("cookiefound = " + cookieFound);  <-undefined
    if (cookieFound) {
	  alert("Cookie Found");
    else {
        alert("Cookie Not Found");

The storage inspector shows cookie name CGISESSID. I set the cookie in my code

What am I missing here?

Thanks for any insight.

…so… what are you using for cname?

c_name = ‘CGISESSID’

Only debugger message

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).

CORS Enabled makes no difference


Have screen shot of cookie data but don’t see where to attach


copy/paste or drag drop into the post box and it’ll handle the posting of the screenshot.

Where are you invoking this function? What are you passing as c_name?

This is a testing block

<script type="text/javascript">

     var name = "CGISESSID";
     alert("calling check cookie then resize from ready");
//	 var c = $.cookie('CGISESSID');
//	 alert(" C = " + c);

//     if (!checkCookie()){
//       	 resizeEvent();
// 	 }


function checkForJALACookie(c_name){
	var cookieFound = Cookies.get(c_name);
   alert("cookiefound = " + cookieFound);
    if (cookieFound) {
	  alert("Cookie Found");
      console.log("Cookie found. No action necessary");
    else {
      alert("Cookie Not Found");
      console.log("No cookie found.");

My reply did not post the code???


Hi thanks for heads up.
I am more familiar with the Monks method


code here


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The domain on that cookie looks… wrong. It’s got a leading . Are you sure it’s being SENT?


If that site is live I think you should remove the alerts and use only console.log.

For a non-techy visitor a bunch of alerts would likely put them off. And a non-techy visitor is not likely to look at their dev tools and see the log messages.

The alerts are just there to test live.

Interesting:} If I go to it gets nothing for value.

If If I go to I get a return value


So your problem is the cookie domain setting.

You mean the .www as opposed to www?

I have no control over that: perl

my $domain = $ENV{'HTTP_HOST'};

sub SetUserSessionCookie
    my $printresult = "";
    my ($sname,$sid) = @_;
    my $sessioncookie = new CGI::Cookie(-name=>$sname,-value=>$sid,-  expires=>$session_cookie_timeout,-path=>'/',-domain=>$domain,-secure=>0);
    $printresult = print header(-Cookie=>[$sessioncookie],-type=>"text/html");
    warn("printresult: '$printresult'");

Working now test here

Well not quite. If I am logged in and put just in the address bar, it does not see the cookie!!

Interesting: Storage inspector show cookie for and cookie for jala-mi,org.

www.jala-cookie has data the jala- cookie has no data.

??? Lost

Took out c_name in get and works on all now, Good grief.

T*hanks all for support and steering in correct direction.


Got up this am and fail. Put c_name back in and prepend www to url if not included using .htaccess.

Seems to work. Holding breath

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