Converting Software To a Web Based, Locally Stored application

I’m attempting to find a solution to a problem that has come up in our office. Previously we have had software where a member of our services can download this, create a username/password and then fill out a form to store information. We then gave them the opportunity to save, print or send this form they filled out. This software does not work on 64bit machines so we are looking at an alternative.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how we can convert this software into a more web based system, using offline storage techniques? We DO NOT want the information filled out by the end-user to be stored on the web, a server or anything other than their own local machine due to the information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, <snip/>

Thanks Sitepoint!

Acrobat is probably the best bet for that sort of function – they have a number of form options and the platform is pretty universally compatible.

In all honesty, if you are getting the information transmitted then you are taking on the security angles of having this be web based. You might as well just jump the shark and get on with it.

I completely agree, though my boss is dead set on having this be “offline”

Gotcha. I’d probably build a flex or silverlight front end for the form then, submit it over secured web services. Technically not that much different than filling out a form but feels offline and is perhaps easier to develop a pretty, highly interactive form using those technologies.

I’ve decided on using/finding an ADOBE AIR developer of some sorts to assist in this project. Thanks a lot for your response and let’s hope I can wrap this up before I’m on the chopping block, haha =P

Take care!