Converting M-U-C-K to muck, but not

I am trying to catch when people spell out bad words like “M-U-C-K” instead of “MUCK”…

My initial solution was to do this…

    $string = 'M-U-C-K you!!';
    $string2 = str_replace('-', '', $string);

From there, my dirty word function would know how to handle “MUCK”.

However, if someone types this…

I really like lemon-lime soda with my hamburger

…then it collapse “lemon-lime” to “lemonlime” which is not what I want!

I would like to tell PHP or Regex the following:

If you see a word where there is more than one hyphen in the series then do as I did above.  But if you just find one hyphen, then assume the word is okay.

Of course, that wouldn’t help with “sweet-n-sour” or “Rock-N-Roll”, but one step at a time!! :smile:

Hi Mikey!

The PHP function you’re looking for is preg_replace ( where you will set the pattern as ‘-[a-zA-Z]±)’ which will then search for - followed by any letters - or use \w+ rather than my [a-zA-Z]+ then another -. Don’t forget to use the $1 for the atom (the letters in the middle) captured by this regex. Because M-U-C-K may be M - U - C - K, you may want to use optional space characters (\s?) around the hyphens.

As for your sweet-n-sour, the pattern there is a single character in the middle but multiple characters on the outside of the -n- so you could use ‘(\w\w+)\s?-\s?(\w+)\s?-\s?(\w\w+)’ to cover this case, too.

Recommendation: Friedl’s Mastering Regular Expressions is the master treatise on regular expressions and well worth the cost (O’Reilly).



Why not adopt the same approach as SitePoint and give readers the power to flag posts?


After looking at your post, it got my Regex mojo going!

This seems to work pretty well for the particular problem I described…

    $orig = 'm-u-c-k MUCK W-u-S-s-Y sweet-n-sour D-A-M-N Rock-N-Roll Frick holyc-r-a-p  Beverly Hills 9-0-2-1-0';

    $patterns = array();
    $patterns[0] = '~\b\w(-\w)+(s?)\b~i';

    $replacements = array();
    $replacements[0] = '****';

    $new = preg_replace($patterns, $replacements, $orig);

    echo "<p><b>ORIG:</b>&nbsp; $orig</p>";
    echo "<p><b>NEW:</b>&nbsp; $new</p>";

Here is the output…

What do you think?

I do have that feature, but also want an extra line of defense in case someone starts dropping F-BOMBS!! :open_mouth:

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