Converting language spoken in a video to another language

Hello there,
I want to convert a language spoken in a video to any different language. I do not mean subtitle, that is, say the original language spoken by characters in a YouTube movie is Hindi and now want to convert it to another local language completely.
Thanks in advance and I stand corrected if I miss out on the technical terms.

Can you just re-record it again using the same image frames but with the new sound track?

If it has video of people speaking it will likely look out of sync, but your app should have a way to edit the sound only, no?

Yeah, it actually has a video of people speaking. Well, I am not working with an app and may I know any freely available tool that can work it out? Thanks again.

Presumably you have permission from the owners of the video to use it in this way. Can they not assist you with the translation?

You could try Virtual Dub:-
It can lay an audio sound track from another source file onto a video track.
Though it does not have full editing capabilities, so if the audio needs editing to match the video, that must be done beforehand elsewhere.

Well, I am certainly doing this for every movie/video that would be of interest provided it has no copyright issues-- to this end, no proxy for this. So can you kindly suggest any robust approach be it tutorials on any editing tool, etc

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