Converting Illustrator guides to paths

Illustrator isn’t really my thing but I have here a document of a grid made of guides - is there any way I can convert this to paths(?) so that I can save as a JPEG and use it elsewhere?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Not that I know of.


Yes there is. It is very very, extremely very high-tech and those who know of this method are considered to be Illustrator gurus.

Screenshot my friend. Then paste in Photoshop and save. Now you are a guru.

…well it solves your problem but I am pretty sure you cannot turn guides to paths.

Are there that many guides? If not - just draw the lines over the guides and then export them.

Yes… thats what I would do only because you would have an original template that you can tweak and flexibility is key.

It’s not that difficult. You have to draw two lines… well one actually.

  1. Take the pen tool click once at the top on the first vertical grid then scroll to the bottom and hold your “Shift” key and click on the grid at the bottom of your document. You should have your vertical line.

  2. Zoom in really close and hold your shift and alt key and click and drag your line to the next grid.Hit CTRL+D and watch your vertical lines grow.

Do the same for the horizontal. This is assumed you have your grid lines at equally consecutive distances.

There are many other ways to do this but this the “eyeballing it accurately” version.

An alternative of using ctrl+D is to do a blend.

Start with one line at the start of the grid and one at the end. Select both lines an click with the Blend Tool on each lines endpoint. Then go to Object -> Blend -> Blend Option. Select Steps and a number.

You can open this ai-file in Photoshop with the lines intact.


i know this is old but when i googled this question, this thread was at the top of the list. just figured i’d add the correct answer:

according to

“Utilizing the ability to drag rulers onto a document is very handy, however the designer also can convert virtually any path or object into a guide. Select the path (object) you want to make a guide and choose View>Guides>Make Guides from illustrator’s menu. You should also note that this is reversible by selecting the path (object) and from the menu View>Guides>Release Guides.