Converting an HTML site with 27 pages to WordPress

This is my second site using WP as a CMS. The HTML site has about 27 pages so far. It is a jewelry site for my client. I am trying to figure out how many template pages I will need. The home page has a slider, so that will be home template, then there are different types of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. I will set those up with jewelry template. Each piece will have it’s own page when clicked on from the main type of jewelry page and will be using an application called Magnify Plus to magnify the piece and zoom in to it. I will call that template magnify plus. There is also an about us and a contact page. They are simple and will have the same layout as the main jewelry pages so I can use the jewelry template for them. Now my question - do I need to set up all 27 pages under the pages area in WP? I am thinking that I do but just want to be sure I am thinking this through properly. There will be no blog on this site…so the loop part does not come into play. I am not sure how to handle that as WP requires the loop. Nothing will be pulled from the other pages into the home page. I think I have to create the loop anyway but it won’t show anything. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am building locally first so there is nothing to see in WP. The HTML site is at

For me it looks like home template, normal page for contact and about us page and category template with single post for your products.

Well the clients have decided to not use WordPress as they are afraid of and not sure what they are doing. We are sticking to the HTML site with me as the web master. For future references though, I believe that I would have to set up individual pages in the pages section of the dashboard and use the different templates I have set up. Thanks for the help, snecz.