Converting a xlsm file to an HTML table

Hello all,

Is there a way to upload a xlsm excel file with javascript/jquery and converting it to an HTML table.

You could look at a service like CloudConvert. They offer an API and a free pricing tier.

Hi there Ethannn,

give me your xlsm file and I will see if I can
provide the code that converts it into HTML. :winky:


That could be tricky if the xlsm contains macros that must be supported too. Good luck.

Well, I am assuming that the O.P. just requires
a basic HTML table to display tabular data. :winky:

If not, then I will head for the hills. :lol:


There is not just one particular file.
every xls or xlsm file will do.
The macros can be ignored, its only about the data.

Here’s my JSfiddle that for now only accepts xls-files.

In that fiddle you are doing the parsing with AlaSQL. AFAIK that library doesn’t support xlsm.

I would instead opt for SheetJS (you are including that in the fiddle, too, for some reason). SheetJS can handle xlsm files quite nicely. Here is a demo. If you drop an xlsm file onto the rectangular box on that page, you’ll see the data is parsed as expected.

You can inspect the page’s source code to get an idea how to use it.

SheetJS is able to do this task and a lot more that I was looking for. Thanks for the link Pullo!

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