Converting a site from Drupal to WordPress

One of my main sites ( is still running drupal 6. After building several new sites on wordpress, I am ready to tackle a more sophisticated project and potentially move that site to WP.

We have several content types configured. One for an image blog, one for tide charts ( just basic html ) and others for travel guides and things like that. I have not quite figured out how to work with multiple content types in wordpress. It seems you can choose post format, but I guess in my case I would be looking to create several that are specific to my needs. Just looking for more information on how best to convert the site over.

Hi mcsolas,

It really depends on who or how you want to manage the media types.

If you don’t want ‘user intervention’ then define custom php functions to handle the media sepecifically the way you need it rendered in the Wordpress template. If, however, you want to allow users to insert different media types (into posts) then there are several options:[LIST=1]
[]Users can use ‘The Media Icon’ to insert images, galleries, pdf, video and music. This allows people to choose where and how media will be laid out. You can combine this with CSS that helps put margins, padding, Text flow and formatting.
]Use one of the ‘many’ gallery plugins and other plugins that fulfill your requirements.
[/LIST]When I have developed Wordpress themes, I take a look at the dividing line of what users really should be able to control. Sometimes we think that people should get ‘lots of choices’. However, I have found customers have been happier when I reduce choices to help make things clearer; just make sure you can enable features fairly easily if they ask for more.

Hope this helps,

Wordpress allows you to create custom post types … which is essentially the same idea as CCK.

So you have the same ability to use Content Types as you do with Drupal; including setting up your own fields, etc.

You can do this programmatically, or there are a couple of really good plugins you can use:

  1. Types (I believe this one even has a complimentary “views” plugin available)
  2. Custom Field Suite.

I like both of these plugins; they both work in a similar manner, and are actually very “Drupal-ish” in their execution. They will make your transition from Drupal much easier, and you’ll probably find them much simpler and intuitive to work with, in fact.

Good luck!

Another option would be not to use custom types in WordPress. As others have said, you can simulate CCKs in Wordpress using several plug-ins but you can just do the migration of all types to simple posts types in WP (where the migration should add to the body of each post not only the core information of the node in Drupal but also the custom fields for that type of post). The benefit of this is that you won’t need to adapt your theme to work with the custom types.

Whether this is the best solution for you depends on several factors (how many custom fields do you have, if there´s some functionality that needs to depend on the type of the node,…)

I have had a service do this before for me which has worked great. I do not work for them but used them awhile ago to do drupal to VB and then i migrated to xenforo. They do drupal to WP too.

It does cost but it was worth it for me to get off drupal and retain all my information.

Thanks this looks like its going to help a lot! I am going to look into these modules now.