Converting a database structure to another structure

Before anything else, I would like to explain the scenario first.

The company has a lot of websites. The websites are hosted on different web hosting providers and each of the websites are totally different from each other especially on their database structure. But the websites contain similar products.

These websites are e-commerce sites. When a new item arrives, we have to add them one by one manually to each sites. The problem with this is that, it is very much time consuming not to mention that we have a lot of products to add(more than 1000+).

We are planning to fix this issue by developing an application that would allow users to add all of the products and store it on a local database. Then dump the database and import it on each websites. But there’s a problem, as I said, the websites doesn’t have an identical database structure. Importing the dump file directly using phpmyadmin will be useless.

I already have an idea on how to do it using php but I haven’t tried it yet. Does anyone has a suggestion on how to do it? Or does anyone know an application that has this kind of capability?

Thank you in advance.

what’s your idea?

First you decide how to normalize the data than create an adapter to port the normalized data to the specific site. How you do that will all depend on the data that your working with.