Convert Your PHP Web Application to a Native Desktop Application (Win, Linux, Mac)!

Czarek thanks for the update. Before creating nightrain I also looked into PHPDesktop. It did not work so well for me back then but it might be better now. However, from the looks of your Download/Wiki page, it seems like the executable is compiled only for Windows. I am pretty sure people would love the solution where you have your software working on Windows, Mac and Linux! If you tell us what compiler you used or what libraries are needed for static linking… then people could easily port it to other platforms. Especially… since now you support the Chromium Engine! By the way… I see that you are the project lead over there… I suggest moving your project to Github, it will make it much much easier to fork your repo and push new updates. I might jump in and give you a hand!

Roosevelt, For now only Windows platform is supported. Linux and OSX might be supported in the future if there is demand from users. PHP Desktop uses Chromium Embedded Framework. Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is used to compile PHP Desktop. I don’t think I will be moving to github, the documentation from wiki pages would need to be migrated. Also I don’t like the main page on github, it displays source repository files and only further down a is displayed. Most of the php desktop users aren’t interested in its C/C++ sources, so displaing them on the main page is not a good user experience. On google code I can have a nice main page that describes to users what the project is about. Yeah, pull requests are a nice feature of github. Though I don’t see not having it a big concern. You can upload patches in the issue tracker, when submitting an issue or adding a comment. Contributions are welcome.

Hi Guys. Just wanted to update you on PHP Nightrain. I just pushed out PHP Nightrain 3.0 and I have some great news to share with you all.

  1. NO MORE Qt5 Nightmares (PHP Nightrain 3.0 is completely rewritten in Java)
  2. Since PHP Nightrain 3.0 is coded in Java and Naetech, LLC made PHP Nightrain 3.0 free, you can use it for both commercial, free and open-source projects
  3. Now has support for MySQL (does not include the MySQL Server due to file size). It is recommended to use SQLite3 for data storage.
  4. There is no powered by text. This gives you complete control over how you want to brand your application.

You can see the full details and list here:

Let me know if you run into any issues with PHP Nightrain 3.0.